Deer Lake Log Cabin
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Private floating dock access to Fonata Lake.
  • Private floating dock access to Fonata Lake.
  • DeerLake-HD-17
    The last section of the walk way to the dock has a log bench for enjoying scenic Fontana Lake
  • Private floating Dock on Fontana Lake
  • DeerLake-HD-18
    Last stairs to the floating dock.
  • DeerLake-HD-14
    Board walk down to Fontana Lake
  • DeerLake-HD-15
    The stairs down to the lake shore
  • DeerLake-HD-16
  • DeerLake-HD-19
  • DeerLake-HD-1
    Experience a rejuvenating vacation in a large true log cabin on Fontana Lake secluded by the natural environment
    of the Smoky Mountains
  • DeerLake-HD-2
    Large 4 bedroom real log cabin on Fontana Lake in gated community
  • DeerLake-HD-3
    Dine out in the fresh mountain air and warm sun while overlooking a smoky mountain lake.
  • DeerLake-HD-4
    Dine out in the fresh mountain air and warm sun while overlooking a smoky mountain lake.
  • DeerLake-HD-5
    The forested yard creates a natural privacy screen from other boaters on Fontana Lake
  • DeerLake-HD-6
    A gas log fire-pit on the upper deck is easy to light, does not blow smoke in anyones direction and does not need to be fed constantly.
  • DeerLake-HD-7
    A gas log fire-pit on the upper deck is easy to light, does not blow smoke in anyones direction and does not need to be fed constantly.
  • DeerLake-HD-8
    Gas grill on the lower covered deck.
  • DeerLake-HD-9
    Restore sore muscles and spirit in a hot tub overlooking the lake from the covered lower deck
  • DeerLake-HD-10
    Even on a rainy day or night the covered lower deck stays dry so you never have to miss spending a day of your vacation outdoors.
  • DeerLake-HD-11
  • DeerLake-HD-12
  • DeerLake-HD-20
    Fresh forest scented air, view of a mountain lake and a rocking chair, that is a relaxing way to spend some time.
  • DeerLake-HD-21
    start off the evening with a soak in a hot tub while watching the sun set over the lake.
  • DeerLake-HD-22
    A porch swing on the quiet front porch.
  • DeerLake-HD-23
    The night time glow of Deer Lake Cabin almost reaches the Fontana Lake below.
  • DeerLake-HD-24
    All three deck are well lighted at night to enjoy the cool fresh air.
  • DeerLake-HD-25
    A starry night sky reflected across Fontana Lake
  • DeerLake-HD-26
    The relaxing effects of soaking in a hot tub at the end of a day cannot be over stated.
  • DeerLake-HD-27
  • DeerLake-HD-28
    Spacious living room with vaulted ceiling, leather reclining seating around a stone gas log fireplace and large screen TV.
  • DeerLake-HD-29
    Spacious living room with vaulted ceiling, leather reclining seating around a stone gas log fireplace and large screen TV.
  • DeerLake-HD-30
    Spacious living room with vaulted ceiling, leather reclining seating around a stone gas log fireplace and large screen TV.
  • DeerLake-HD-31
    The living room viewed from the open upper level walk way.
  • DeerLake-HD-32
    Master bedroom on the entry level has a king size bed, satellite TV and Private bath
  • DeerLake-HD-34
    The first bedroom on the upper level has a queen size bed and satellite TV
  • DeerLake-HD-33
    The second bedroom on upper level has a king size bed and satellite TV.
  • DeerLake-HD-35
    Lower level bedroom has a pool table and large screen TV opposite the bunk bed.
  • DeerLake-HD-36
    The Bunk Bed in the lower level bedroom has twin over full size beds
  • DeerLake-HD-37
    Pool table and flat screen TV to keep the kids entertained.
  • DeerLake-HD-38
  • DeerLake-HD-39
    Dining table seats 6 guest.
  • DeerLake-HD-66
    Newly remodeled kitchen with all cooking and dining utensils needed to prepare a quiet meal
  • DeerLake-HD-41
    During the winter months the lake is visible from the parking area.
  • DeerLake-HD-42
  • DeerLake-HD-43
  • DeerLake-HD-45
  • DeerLake-HD-46
    Private dock on Fontana Lake to tie up your boat
    (winter low lake level)
  • DeerLake-HD-47
  • DeerLake-HD-48
  • DeerLake-HD-49
  • DeerLake-HD-50
  • DeerLake-HD-51
    Well lighted and covered lower deck so you can stay outside in the fresh mountain air as late as you like
  • DeerLake-HD-52
  • DeerLake-HD-53
  • DeerLake-HD-54
  • DeerLake-HD-55
  • DeerLake-HD-56
  • DeerLake-HD-57
  • DeerLake-HD-58
Maximum Occupancy
Cabin Features:
Region: Bryson City
Semi Secluded / Private
Deck Overlooks a Lake
Cars & most all Vehicles access :
Pet Friendly Cabin
Amenities by Room :
Entry Level
Gas log Fireplace
Living Room
Full Size RefrigeratorFull Size StoveDish WasherMicroWave OvenCoffee maker
1/2 Half Bath
1/2 Bath
King Size BedFlat Screen TV With Satellite
Master Bedroom
1/2 Half BathTub & Shower combination
Master Bathroom
Upper Level
Queen Size BedFlat Screen TV With Satellite
Second bedroom
1/2 Half BathTub & Shower combination
King Size BedFlat Screen TV With Satellite
Third bedroom
Lower Level
Bunk BedFlat Screen TV With Satellite Pool Table
Fourth Bedroom
1/2 Half BathTub & Shower combination
Amenities Outdoors :
Private Dock
 on LakeOutdoor Hot TubGas GrillGas log Fire Pit
Before Reserving a cabin, Please read our
Payment and Cancellation Policies

Questions?, Please call or email
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Deer Lake log cabin is located on Fontana Lake, in a large private "Upscale" subdivision about a 20 minute trip to the back from the gated entrance. The subdivision's entrance is hidden from The Great Smoky Mountains Expressway (HW 74) which connects it to all the main attractions of the region. The restaurants, shops and Deep Creek entrance to the GSMNP are about a 20 minute trip along HW 74 to Bryson City. The Cherokee Indian Reservation and its many cultural exhibits, shops, Harrah’s Casino and Visitors Center main entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park are another 15 to 20 minutes past Bryson City. If spending a day or two fishing or just cruising Fontana Lake itself appeals to you; you can rent a pontoon boat or launch your own fishing boat about 10 minutes away ( by Water) at the Almond Boat Dock and dock your boat at Deer Lake’s private floating dock. If you are in the need of a little more exciting time on the water; try white water rafting down the Nantahala River about 25 minutes down HW 74. The cabin is about seven miles from the entrance along a well paved yet very winding scenic mountain road. Since the last mile or so is a gravel road, we don't recommend motorcycles. The about 20 minute scenic drive to the cabin helps to separate you from the noise and stresses of a busy world; preparing you for the quiet seclusion that makes for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation that few others get to experience. Along this quiet forested and curvy two way road you will occasional pass driveways of other partially visible cabins that wind off into the forest, a few deer that will dash across the road and disappear into the mountain forest and many flocks of wild turkeys foraging along and in the road. Even a fox or two have been seen dashing under the cover of the trees along the road. The max speed along this road is 20 mph. Though the winding curves may inspire that road rally spirit we strongly suggest that you don't test the speed limit. Some of the full time residents of this community enjoy biking and jogging this same road and there are many sharp blind curves that can appear quickly. Also it is not uncommon for there to be a wild animal or two on the road, mostly flocks of wild turkeys which are slow to move out of a cars way, they almost seem annoyed by the car’s interruption of their dinner. We do suggest that you stop by the grocery store in town before heading out to this cabin since most guest find it hard to leave once they have arrived at the cabin.

Deer Lake is a three level log cabin with a private floating dock and lots of deck space to enjoy its location on the forested mountain side a short distance up from the shoreline of Fontana Lake. As no hunting of any type is permitted within the large minimally developed subdivision that this cabin is located in, the area has become a sort of an unfenced refuge for the native smoky mountain animals. When vacationing here the cabin owner kept seeing deer making their way down the mountain side through the trees to the lake shore for a drink. So, to offer the vacationing guest at their cabin a better chance to see these beautiful lords of the forest; a stocked deer feeding station is now located just off the bend in the drive way. The paved driveway begins at the gravel road above the cabin. As you turn down the driveway headed for the cabin, the shimmering waters of the lake below reflect through the trees. As you pull up to the side of the cabin to park and step out of your vehicle, the mountain lake side environment fills the air with a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Guest have stated that they found this lake side setting so inviting that they were compelled to climb down the stairs to visit the lake before they even took their luggage into the cabin. We have also been told that sitting on the edge of the floating dock with your toes in the cool water and just taking in the scenic mountain lake view for a few minutes, is incredibly relaxing after a long but worth it drive.

Back up at the parking area where you probably left your car are two sets of steps. The stairs down to the lake, as you probably have already seen, are on the left and the steps to the front door are straight ahead. A top of the steps is a gate that matches the railing of the covered front porch. This gate allows you to close off the exit point of the deck so your four legged companion can spend time in the fresh air with you. Please note the width of the space between the rails and its height when considering if your pet could escape through or over the railings. The front entrance to this cabin has a screen door like all true log cabins should have. Past the front door a hanging swing at the rear of the porch is a quiet and relaxing spot to enjoy the fresh mountain air while listening to the birds singing in the forest.

The stairs on the left side of the parking area not only lead down to the dock on the lake but also offers access the upper and lower decks facing the lake. At the first landing you can climb up another set of stairs to the upper deck or enter the gate on the right to the lower covered deck. The open sunny upper deck sets high overlooking the lake. The breeze scented by the surrounding mountain forest and carrying the sounds of birds playing amongst the trees with an occasional passing boat splashing wave against the shore of the lake below is strongest here of the two decks. Like the deck on the mountain side of the cabin, a gate with a latch is at the top of the stairs to allow you to close off the exit point of the deck to accommodate pets or smaller family members. (Always keep pets and or small children under supervision when outside on any of the decks or stairs.) A dinette set with seating for 6 guest is a great spot to dine outside or just relax and enjoy a drink and a card game with family or friends. At the side of the deck opposite the stairs is a gas fire pit. Where sitting in a chair in front of an easily lit fire with your favorite beverage in hand, surrounded by friends, is a pretty relaxing way to watch the sun set over a scenic mountain lake. A self-standing porch swing is also on the upper deck. The upper deck is also accessed from either the door next to the stone fireplace in the living room or the sliding glass door of the dining room.

Back at the first landing down from the parking area stairs is a set of French doors that lead into the lower level mud room. The gate on the right opens into the covered lower deck. The only other access to the lower deck is from another door in the lower level mud room. The whole lower deck is covered by vinyl roofing to create a completely shaded refuge from the sun and on rainy days the lower deck is dry enough to still enjoy the fresh air. The first feature to great you on the lower deck is the gas grill. To the left of the gate is the large hot tub. After spending a long day exploring the trails of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park the hot tub’s warm messaging waters feel pretty soothing on sore muscles. Even if you haven’t been hiking for miles, sitting in a hot tub overlooking a scenic mountain lake at a secluded log cabin is a great way to spend a vacation. If you’re not in the mood for a dip in the hot tub; to the right is a row of rocking chairs that spending some time in will help to slow down the pace of life and restore a sense of peace. Another dinette set also set at the far end of the deck, so you can still eat out even on rainy days. The lower deck is well lighted so the fresh air and hot tub can be enjoyed as late into the night as you want.

From the entrance to the lower deck a series of stairs and landings wind down through the forested yard to the private floating dock on Fontana Lake. The last section of walk way that connects to the aluminum gangplank has a long bench shaded by the trees for sitting and enjoying the view or waiting for your boat to arrive. The floating dock has a canapé to shade your boat when it is docked. Don’t own a boat or have time to spend out on a boat; you can still fish from the dock or shore line if you bring your fishing poles. Bait, fishing licenses, boat rentals and a few tips are available at Almond Boat Dock. This dock is only about 5 to 10 minutes away by water and 15 minutes down the road from the entrance of this gated community. Even if fishing and boating is not you’re your thing, sitting on the edge of a dock on a beautiful mountain lake watching an eagle hunting for its next sushi dinner is an experience not easily forgotten. Fontana Lake is a managed and dam controlled mountain lake that forms the boarder of GSMNP. The level of this lake varies throughout the year and it is possible for the dock to be resting on the beach and the lake to be very deep a few feet from the end of the dock at certain time of the year. To the right of the dock the water level is shallow enough to create an almost beach access area for swimming. Keep in mind that the lake bed drops steeply off near the end of the deck. (See winter picture of dock and lake level for example.) Guest must swim at their own risk. Please bring life vest if you plan to swim.
( Fontana Lake levels vary throughout the year. Dock at cabin will not likely float during the months of September through June . Please call the front desk to inquire as to actual lake levels when planning a visit. )

The front door is on the mountain side (right side from the parking area) of the cabin. As you step through the front door, you enter into a hallway with a set of stairs to the upper level on the right. The true log cabin feel continues into the interior of the cabin. The floors, walls and beamed ceilings are all built of real wood that imparts a warmth and natural spirit to the interior. As you pass the stairs and continue moving straight ahead you will reach the living room. Right before you reach the living room a set of stairs down to the lower level will be on the left forming the back wall of the living room. When you enter the living room the first thing you will notice is the large stone gas log fireplace reaching up to the cathedral ceiling with a flat screen satellite TV mounted above the mantel. To relax and enjoy your favorite show or just watch the warm glow of the fireplace, the living room has a leather reclining sofa, love seat and recliner. To the right side of the fireplace is a glass door and outer screen door that lead out to the upper deck. Opening this screen door in combination with the front screen door will allow you to create a flow of fresh mountain forest scented air through the cabin creating the feeling the outdoor throughout the inside. When the quiet evening in front of the fireplace ends, you can go in the door to the right of the living room to enter the master bedroom suite. The master bedroom has a king size bed, satellite TV and private bathroom. To the left the of the living room is a large dark wood dining table that seats six guest across from a view of the mountain forest through sliding glass doors. A newly remodeled kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and all the cooking and dining utensils needed to cook a great meal is next to the dining room. A set of folding doors along one side of the kitchen hides the washer and dryer. At the back of the kitchen is a hallway on the left with a pantry that ends back at the front door.

The stairs next to the front door lead to the upper level. The first bedroom on the upper level is to the right of the top of the stairs. This bedroom has a queen size bed, satellite TV and warm tongue and groove natural wood walls and ceiling. A rocking chair is positioned in the dormer bump out where the window lets in lots of natural light make a great spot to read a few chapters of that book you have been meaning to finish. The next door along the walk way is the upper level full bath. The door at the end of the walk way is the second bedroom of the upper level. This bedroom also has natural wood tongue and groove walls and ceiling. The bed in this room is a king size bed. A satellite TV sits on the dresser opposite the bed. This bedroom also has a dormer bump out with a rocking chair in front of the window making a great spot to read a few early morning emails; but only if you want to think about work.

The stairs from the living room end in the mudroom of the lower level. This room has two sets of doors. The one straight ahead leads to the parking area and the one on the right opens to the lower level deck and hot tub. The main and largest room of the lower level also has tongue and grove natural wood walls and ceiling. A bunk bed set is on the left side of the room. It has a twin upper bunk over a full size lower bed. Opposite the bunk bed is the second largest flat screen TV at the cabin. The kids can watch their favorite shows before bed. That is if you can get them to go to bed. Just pass the bunk bed is a non-regulation size pool table. The door at the back of the room is the full bath for the lower level.



Click Here to Print or View Complete V.R.A. as pdf

If you have questions about this Vacation Rental Agreement, we would love to answer them for you. 
Our toll free number for questions about this agreement is: 877-488-8500.

To view required payment at Booking, Click on the "Get Quote" button.
Reservation balance due at check-in.

Military Discounts can only be applied by
Reservationist after confirmation of eligibility.
(full descriptions and details provided in VRA)

  • Payments must be made on a major credit or debit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express). Upon making your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation and a copy of our VRA. 
  • BALANCE DUE AT CHECK-IN:  All guests are required to check-in at our office in Bryson City to make payment in full of remaining balance before they are given printed directions to and lock box codes for property entry.

  • All reservations incur the following Fees:
    •  Rent set at a per night rate and unique to each property
    • Security Deposit or LDW guest must choose one option:
    • Departure Cleaning Fee, the amount of this fee will be set on a cabin by cabin basis.
    • Processing fee of 3% to cover merchant credit processing expense.
    • Applicable Taxes including State and Local
    • Pet Fee, if property is pet friendly and a pet is accompanying you on vacation,
      a non-refundable Pet Fee of $45 per pet up to a max of 3 pets is required.
All Guest are required to Choose one option below:
We understand that accidents do happen after all we are all human. Though as unintentional as accidents are, there is a cost to rectify their results. We believe the Limited Damage Waiver is the most practical method for both our Guest and Property Owners alike to provide for those expenses.
  • Pruchase Limited Damage Waiver (LDW) is a one-time non-refundable fee waiving your financial responsibility for up to $1,000 of accidental, unintentional damage. The amount of the fee is specific to each property.

  • Provide Security Deposit: (As an option to purchasing LDW) Guest may choose to provide a refundable (less damages) security deposit of $600.00 on credit or debit card at check-in. Security deposit will be refunded once the property has been fully inspected upon guest’s departure and cleared of all damages. North Carolina Law allows 30 days from departure date to inspect for damages and billed to Guest’s account. If damages exceed the Security Deposit amount, tenant will be responsible for the entire amount and the remaining cost will be charged to the tenant’s card on file. Carolina Mountain Vacations will refund security deposit (minus before mentioned expenses if necessary) within 45 days of tenant departure in accordance with NC law.

Cancellations with short notice are unfair to both Carolina Mountain Vacations as well as the Cabin owner.
If you must cancel be sure to do so at least 31 days in advance of your arrival date.
If you elected to purchase trip insurance, the travel insurance company should be contacted with the claim by tenant.

  •  All cancellations made less than 31 days of arrival are non-refundable. 
  • Cancellations made more than 31 day from arrival, initial payment will be refunded less a 75$ cancellation fee plus processing fee paid at booking and any Travel Insurance Premiums purchased.
  • No-Shows are considered a last-minute cancellation and tenant forfeits full rental payment and voids lease agreement.
  • Tenant may switch reservation to a different cabin more than 31 days prior to your arrival by payment of $30 transfer fee and difference of rates of new cabin. 
    Reservations CAN NOT be transferred to different cabin within 31 days of arrival.

NO RENTALS will be permitted to ANYONE UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE.

All Guest are required to Check-In at our office:
 40 Greenlee Street, Bryson City, NC 28713
For Directions to our office.

At check-in:
A.) Pay any outstanding balance in full.
B.) You will be handed printed detailed directions and information to access keys to your vacation cabin on the day you check-in at our office. 
Internet mapping devises and navigation systems are NOT recommended for use in the Western NC Mountains ( GPS signal reception is spoty in the mountains).  

CHECK-OUT is by 11 A.M
To check-out you do not need to come by our office. Simply, Call our office to let us know you are leaving.

Before leaving the cabin Please:
* Just leave the linens and towls where they are, laundry services are part of the Departure Cleaning (not part of your Vacation)
*No need to run to the dump with your trash, we got that too. Just make sure the lids are on Tight.
*Remove all perishable food from cabinets and refrigerator.
*Start the dishwasher, if cabin is equipped. Dish soap is provided under sink
* Check for all personal belongings. Items left behind can be sent back with a $20 retrieval fee, plus shipping, will be charged
*Lock all doors and place keys back in the lock box
*Don't forget to give us a call as you head out.

Early Check-In and Late Check-Out: 
If you are planning a late arrival time to your North Carolina vacation cabin rental, please contact our cabin rental office during business hours to make arrangements. Our office hours are 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. Requests for early check-in or late check-out will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact our office no less than 24 hours in advance with requests for an early arrival or late departure.  Consideration is given based upon the property’s “status” immediately prior to or following your reservation. 

Failure to disclose an accurate Guest count or the presence of unregistered Guests could result in immediate eviction, forfeiture of any remaining rent and an additional charge of $250 deducted from card on file.
Children 12 and under stay free.
Maximum occupancy refers to all persons over the age of one year old. Violations of maximum occupancy can cause property damage as well as violate local laws and regulations. (Most mountain cabins and homes run on private septic and well systems.  Overtaxing these systems can cause serious problems.) Any maximum occupancy violation constitutes a breach of contract and Guest agrees that any such violation, in addition to any other remedies herein, will result in immediate eviction of Guests, forfeiture of any remaining rent and an additional charge of $250 representing liquidated damages.

 Policies for Carolina Mountain Vacations Pet-Friendly Cabins
Guests will be required to sign the CMV Pet Policy at Check-In.

There are potential consequences for bringing an unauthorized pet onto any CMV property.


1.  For pet friendly cabins, there is a one time $45 non-refundable pet fee for each pet up to a max of 3 pets.  Any misrepresentation regarding the number of pets at the cabin will be charged accordingly.

2.  Pets are only permitted with prior approval.  Be sure to notify us if you are bringing a dog to one of our pet-friendly cabins. If prior approval has not been authorized and there is evidence of a pet having been at the property, the penalty may include a $200 charge, immediate removal of the pet and eviction from the cabin with the forfeiture of all rental payments.

3.  CMV only accepts well-behaved, housebroken dogs into our pet friendly cabins.  Even though we love all pets, we regret that we are unable to allow any animals other than dogs in our rental cabins.  Absolutely no cats are permitted in CMV rental cabins.  For the purpose of this agreement, the term “pet” is always used in reference to a dog. In the interest of protection your dog, a leash should always be used when your dog is outside.  While North Carolina does not have a state leash law, please note that cities and counties may have stricter regulations.  No dog shall be tied outside the Cabin unless supervised by a responsible adult

4.  As a general rule, dogs should not be left unattended in cabins.  In an unfamiliar environment dogs may act uncharacteristically and unpredictably.  They may get nervous and bark, causing a disturbance to neighbors.  Or they may harm the cabin by chewing, scratching or making messes that they would not typically make at home.  Please remember to be respectful of nearby neighbors.  Always use a crate in the rare event that a dog must be left alone.

5.  Legal Disclaimer:  Any damages to the cabin or cabin property or another person because of a pet will be the sole responsibility of the registered Guest.  Guests are held financially responsible for all physical damages to the Cabin (i.e. chewing, scratching, flea infestation, etc.) inflicted on the Cabin by the presence of a pet.  If extra cleaning is deemed reasonable due to the presence of a pet (i.e. soiled furniture and/or flooring, hair on furnishings or bedding, fleas), the Guest will be held financially responsible and the credit card on file will be charged for the amount of the repair/recovery.  CMV is not responsible for harm caused to any pet.

Please review the Road Scale info for this cabin before booking.

Guest acknowledges that access to rented property will require driving on gravel and paved mountain roads that may in places be steep and has been given recommendation on the minimum type of vehicle needed to safely drive the road to property. CMV will not give refund or be held liable if guest does not adhere to recommended vehicle type and is not able to or refuses to drive up road to cabin. Nor can CMV be held responsible for temporary weather conditions that alter road conditions. Please adhere to any recommendation or requirement for a four-wheel-drive vehicle when listed in a property description.  It is highly recommended that Guests try to arrive during daylight hours for their first visit to our area to become familiar with the area and roads. Our cleaning and maintenance staff drive these roads in their personal vehicles almost daily and report any major road issues; such as washouts, fallen trees or rocks. CMV will upon notification from staff or guest, contact appropriate local authorities to have road cleared or repaired.

For full explanation of Road Scale and NC Mountain driving tips.

  •  Hot tubs.  Showering before and after using the hot tub is recommended.
  • Our hot tubs are cleaned and maintained by certified techs before and after each tenant occupancy or every 5 days. This means a tech will be required to inspect hot tub during stays of 7 days or longer.
  • Guest is responsible for damages to hot tub from misuse or negligence.
  • Do NOT sit or stand on hot tub covers, they are not designed to handle weight. This type of damage is not covered by LDW.
  • Guest will be responsible for cover replacement if Damage to cover is discovered. Amount starting at $300.
  • Failure to re-secure cover with supplied equipment after use, resulting in loss of cover down the mountain side, will incur a $100 retrieval fee or replacement fee if damaged.
  • Do NOT allow the water level to become too low. Guest will be responsible for repairs, including but not limited to pump replacement.
  • An additional Hot Tub Service charge may be applied for introduction of foreign substances (i.e. soap, oils, bath bubbles or beer), broken glass or discarded items left in Hot Tub, including swim-wear.


Road Accessibility Scale
Motorcycle & Trailer Accessible:
Smooth Paved Road all the way to cabin, Not Steep, No Sharp Switchbacks, has a large Parking area with enough room to Turn Around MOST Trailer and Vehicle combinations. (Ask the reservation specialist about your trailer)
Mini Cooper MotorCycle Friendly accessible
Mini Cooper & Motorcycle Friendly Access :
Smooth Road all the way to cabin, No Sharp Switchbacks and No more than a moderate incline, (No Mountain road is flat and level its' whole length)
Cars & most all Vehicles access :
Cars & most all Vehicles access :
Paved and hard packed gravel sections on a well maintained mountain road, Switchbacks and moderate to steep incline sections possible, no washed out section.
SUV / Truck
SUV or Truck Higher Clearance Vehicles Access :
Gravel sections on steeper inclines with sharp switchbacks, possible moderate rough spots requiring higher ground clearance than most cars, 4x4 NOT required. (Most Mini-Vans are not suitable)
4x4 Vehicle Suggested
4x4 Vehicle suggested Access:
Loose Gravel on a Steep incline and/or sharp steep Switchbacks, possible deep ruts requiring higher ground clearance. Most Cars will not make it up the mountain road with out bottoming out or spinning out.


Seclusion Scale Definitions
Vacation Condo
Attached to Other Buildings:
This Vacation Rental is part of a larger building. It may be a condo, city loft or duplex. The minimal natural surroundings allow a clear view of the next-door neighbor from the deck or the entrance. The cabin is visible from the main road that it shares with the neighbors. The next-door neighbors may be either rentals or private residences. These cabins are excellent choices for Family Reunions or Group vacations, when the neighboring Cabin is also a Vacation Rental. Visit our "Cabins Walkin' Distance Apart" page to see a list of rental cabins grouped close together.
Neighbors Next Door
Neighbors Next door:
The cabin has one or more "next door" neighbors. The minimal natural surroundings allow a clear view of the next door neighbor from the deck or the entrance. The cabin is visible from the main road that it shares with the neighboring cabins. The next door neighbors may be either rentals or private residences. These cabins are excellent choices for Family Reunions or Group vacations, when the neighboring Cabin is also a Vacation Rental. Visit our "Cabins Walkin' Distance Apart" page to see a list of rental cabins grouped close together.
Neighbors walkin' Distance
Neighbors Walkin' Distance :
Other cabins are a short walkin' distance away. The cabin's deck is partially blocked by trees and or natural surroundings from the view of the other cabins. The cabin's entrance is visible from the local road that it shares with the other cabins. The nearby cabins may be either rentals or private residences. These cabins are excellent choices for Family Reunions or Group vacations, when the neighboring Cabin is also a Vacation Rental.Visit our "Cabins Walkin' Distance Apart" page to see a list of rental cabins grouped close together.
Semi Secluded / Private
Semi Secluded / private :
Other cabins are more than an acre away. The cabin's deck is mostly shielded from view by a small stand of trees or the mountain landscape. The cabin is off a local road and is partially visible. The neighbors up the road may be either rentals or private residences.
Mostly Secluded / Very Private
Mostly Secluded / Very Private:
Other cabins are more than three acres away. The cabin's deck is completely shielded from the view of other cabins by dense forest or a mountain ridge. The cabin has a private drive and is not visible from the local road. The cabin may be partially visible from a distance in the winter months.
Totally Secluded /  Completely Private
Totally Secluded / Completely Private:
The cabin is separated from other cabins by many acres of dense natural forest or mountain ridges. The cabin is on a private road and is not visible from local roads. Even in the winter months the cabin remains secluded from others. It may be possible to see other cabins on distant mountain sides. The only neighbors are the woodland creatures.
PLEASE NOTE: The privacy provided by trees and other natural vegetation decreases with the absence of leaves in the winter months. Only cabins tucked deepest in the forest or highest on a private mountaintop remain totally secluded and completely private in the winter months.